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     Limited liability company of Hefei a century five-star catering equipment is specialized in producing various types of commercial appliances, steel furniture, refrigeration equipment, hoods, and send the fresh air system, is the vanguard of the commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing enterprises in the province is Hefei, kitchenware Association Long units. The company is mainly engaged in star hotels, air catering, corporate, restaurant, student canteen, fresh, marine kitchen full equipment engineering, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance and supporting the provision of professional catering project design and consulting.

The company has 10,000 square meters of processing workshop, 148 employees, 2 masters, college and undergraduate education, nearly 30 people, workers with secondary technical culture accounted for 40%. The staffing level of the entire company and high level of professionalism, the formation of the echelon. With engineering design, installation, product development, planning and marketing personnel, with CNC punching, CNC cutting and folding computer welding a set of advanced equipment, a leading provider of surface treatment process, setting the standard testing tools and advanced test equipment , with state-of-the-art gas class testing laboratory, and electrical testing laboratory.

In recent years, along with the span, the development of Hefei, the company responded positively to the call of the municipal government "Gongyelishi, seize the opportunity, ride on the momentum, the first in the the Shuangfeng Hefei Economic Development Zone, since the purchase of 60 acres of land, quickly built modern factories, office buildings, R & D center, logistics center, the strength of strong marketing network in major cities throughout, becoming the leader in the domestic industry.

The date of the establishment of the five-star, five-star with promises for customers most satisfied with the five-star service and the pursuit of first-class products, the quality of a hundred years as the goal, embracing, absorbing, humbly satisfied that the rivers of the style, commitment to product development, manufacturing, and strive to continue to make breakthroughs, continuous innovation. 2003 to obtain the glass partition anti droplets to the sale of Taiwan patent; movable double door patent in 2004; a new type of insulation lamp patent in 2008. Centuries five-star efforts, the new patent will be a steady stream of emerging.

"Green earth, green home, a hundred years the five-star positive response to the national call, cordial to the batch after batch of energy saving and environmental protection, new fashion products. Fashion and beautiful shape, energy-efficient performance, the better the quality, coupled with after-sales service on a user-friendly, making the product available, it has customers, product sales all the way radiation throughout the country to become industry leaders.

The full implementation of international quality (ISO 9001) / environment (ISO14001) / Occupational Health and Safety (OHS18001) / measurement (ISO 10012) management system standards, and quality / environmental / occupational health and safety of three standard system certification in 2006 through 2009 measurement management system certification. The company production of "Five Star" brand appliances, Hefei, Wuhu and Nanjing Gas Company Recommended Products. Company agents at home and abroad famous cooking machinery, is one of Italy "Electrolux" Western kitchen equipment distributors in China's top ten.

Operating one thousand then knows the sound and watch thousands sword then knowledge, and intentions of taste in order to realize the centuries five-star true, the truth. The advent of a five-star product, is filled with hard work and efforts of the five-star person behind you. The most professional technical team, the best management talent, the most advanced production equipment, the most humane service system always ready to make every customer "five-star five-star VIP centuries.

Integrity and pragmatic, united, progressive, innovative, five-star shining achievements of century-old dream.
Hundred five-star, let us do better!
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